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Emperor's coin


EMPERORCOIN is built on the Scrypt / POW algorithm - encouraging miner join to increase value. EPR allows users to trade and exchange online, as well as store assets securely. Unlike the current altcoins, EPR total coin supply is only 1 million coin - a worthy investment. So, ICO will be the best chance for investor to hold and enhance profitability. Emperorcoin bring a new perspective about altcoin - more is not necessarily better Emperorcoin – little but valuable. To serve Internal payment in the royal and just ICO 100.000 in all over the world


Yes, we can do that all at once.

  • Storage Wallet

    EPR Storage Wallet works on windows , Linux , MAC , IOS , Android operating system, you can freely manage EPR without go through 3rd party .

  • Blocks Explorer

    EPR Blocks Explorer is a web tool that provides detailed information about EPR blocks, addresses, hash , txid and transaction take place quickly .

  • Eprcore Daemon

    Eprcore is used on Linux for EPR developers, programmers or partners .Used solely on Linux. Windows developers can use wallet for windows .

  • EPR Miner

    Where the transactions are confirmed and they will receive a reward worthy.You can use solo mining or pool . Of course, we encourage using the pool mining .


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